You can provide it yourself but Streamdis can also work toghether with your suppliers to make sure everything goes smooth.

We need the following items:

Audio-visual needs:

1) A table next to the AV booth for our encoders and camera controls (minimum 100cm x 60cm)
2) Audio output from AV desk (XLR-STEREO) (=2x XLR)
3) A splitted VGA signal coming from the presentation computer in the room (VGA) in 1024×768 or 1280×720 pixel format
4) 4 power sockets
5) A spot where we can place our tripod with camera (Minimum 1 square meter with powersocket)

IT needs: (Only for Live events)

1) Each encoder needs a wired internet connection with high bandwidth speed
(UTP, minimum 3,5 Mbps Uploadspeed / 3,5 Mbps Downloadspeed, no firewall/proxy server or other filtering)
2) Preferably configured via DHCP
3) Preferably public IP

See a visual here


  1. An event banner (h: 50px, w: 700px)
  2. An abstract (max. 150 words)
  3. A player banner (h: 60px, w: 468px)
  4. The URL of the eventwebsite
  5. A standard slide including the look and feel of your event

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